Our Story

4 The Love

was founded in 2019 by Dave Wanpue to serve as a source of inspiration for all creatives globally through fashion and experiences. Our lifestyle brand focuses on creating connections with customers through our unique experiences and branded products. 


A little more about the brand

With Love

When we think of streetwear fashion we begin to think of the diversity, inclusivity, and representation that it offers.

Our company logo is a symbol of diversity and worldwide representation. We see streetwear fashion as a form of self-expression that communicates your personality through your wardrobe. We aim to keep your confidence and self-esteem at an all-time high.

4 The Love was created through Founder/CEO Dave Wanpue and his passion for fashion and community to serve as a source of inspiration for all creatives through our branded products and experiences.

We’ve grown a global community that’s made of tastemakers,
athletes, entrepreneurs, engineers, creatives, and many more driven individuals that are aiming to become the best version of themselves.

When shopping for our products, you’re never buying a random item. All our products have a story behind it!

We understand you’re aiming to be the best version of yourself, and our clothes will help you embody that. Our casual clothing and unique pieces will keep you comfortable and guaranteed to have you standing out amongst the crowd.

As we continue to grow and establish our brand as worldwide leaders in the streetwear community and fashion industry, we truly look forward to creating connections, impactful collaborations and serving the communities we’re involved in.